Scooby Direct-To-Video Wiki


  • Don't make your own rules when editing. If you want to know how different types of pages are made, copy from an another page or ask an admin.
  • If you accidently did something wrong, don't worry about getting banned. Ask an admin and he will help you.


  • Here's the list of things you must not do. We give you four warnings. If you ignore them and continiue doing the same, we will ban you.
    • You mustn't say rude words and behave badly with other users.
    • You mustn't vandalise (see Types of Bad Behaviour below).
    • You mustn't say curse words.
    • You musnt disobey the rules.
      • However, you can say that you think we have bad rules. Just say your opinion in a normal, not rude way.

Types of bad behaviour


This is when a user gets banned but he uses an another account and continiues editing.


This is when you add pointless pages with bad words or delete all the info on a page.