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Important articles


A wiki about Yabba-Dabba-Dinosaurs.

A wiki about the upcoming Scooby "fan made" (with professional cast and director) live-action series.

A wiki about the upcoming Batman and Scooby-Doo comic.


We include

We can include ALL information about DTVs. That includes all the DTV themselves, all characters, all locations and songs. Of course, a few people can't cover everything, so come on and contribute!

We also include DTV adaptations, like book or comics adaptations of the movie. This story must be HEAVILY based on the movie. We don't include just stories that make references to the movie or includes a similiar monster. We also include pages about characters of the adaptations. The main characters (the gang) should have their own page about their book\comics appereances. The other ones shouldn't have their own page, but we don't mention their book\comic role on the character's page. After all, this is a DTV wiki, not a comic wiki.

We do not include

Everything that is not a Scooby DTV, or not it's adaptation.

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