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He is the mascot of Mystery Inc.


He is a happy dog, Shaggy's best friend. He is scared of ghosts, but accidently helps to solve the mystery!


After the Mystery Inc., he and Shaggy worked on some strange jobs. When Mystery Inc. was back in business, they did not want to join, but joined after all. They solved some mysteries - but the ghost were fake! Finally a woman named Lena said that a real ghost of pirate Moonscar lives on her island. He and Shaggy saw somedomy writing Get Out on the wall. On the videotape, the ghost of Moonscar was seen. He and Shaggy saw a skeleton that transformed into Pirate Mooscar. When they were going to sleep in their rooms, a Civil War ghost came from the mirror and attacked them.

Ben Ravencroft invited him an the rest of the gang in Oakhaven. The ghost of Sarah Ravencroft attacked him and Shaggy then. Then the two were secretly following the mayor, the main suspect, when Sarah's ghost attacked them again. They were the bait for the ghost, and the trap worked. Then Ben (the villain) wanted to release the real Sarah from the book the two accidenty found, so they took the book and drove in the Mystery Machine.

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He travelled to the university with the gang. He and Shaggy found the Virus, then the others, and then they and the Virus got beamed in the game! He helped the gang to find the Scooby Snacks to get in another level in the Moon Level, the Ancient Rome Level, with the Virus trying to stop him, and got to the Prehistoric Jungle Level! After some another crazy levels they got to the City Level, where they met their versions in the game! The ten of them rode to the amusement park, to the Scooby Snacks, where they were attacked by the Virus and the monsters from their past! After running away they got to the video game arcade where Scooby Snacks were located, but the Phantom Virus appeared and chased them again!

They arrived to Blake Castle, where Shaggy and Scooby went to find food. When they decided to split up after seeing the monster, Shaggy and Scooby took the Mystery Machine but stumbled in the monster anyway. Then they investiagted with the gang. They ended up being the bait. They solved the mystery in the end, but they saw strange things that prove that Nessie may exist.

They arrived to Hawaii but saw that everyone is driving away from the islands. They did not, so they were chased by the Wiki Tiki. Then they came to Auntie Mahina so she could tell them what to do. They later discovered the Tiny Tikis were robots in the volcano.

After a chase in Egypt, he and Shaggy accidently travelled to the City Of The Ancient Ones, where the Ancient Ones thought they were gods, but they had to run from a monster in the end.

While on a cruise ship, they met Mr. Mysterio. Then they caught the ghostly pirates.

He and Shaggy accidently ended up in the Himalayas, where they had crazy anventures. The found the lost Shangri-La land. Then they caught Professor Jeffries.

He and Shaggy came to the Spirit world to stop Krudsky from taking the Goblin Spectre from Goblin King. They almost screwed up, but they did saved the day!

They decided to solve a mystery in Japan. They became heroes!

They decided to solve the mystery of the school with Velma's sister Madelyn, and the gang came to the school's island to do so.

They went to Little Moose Lake in Camp Little Moose.

They solved a mystery on the least haunted place in America!

They decided to take a break from mysteries. It ended up in them running from a vampire!

A werewolf chased them in a circus. To solve the mystery, they went undercover as clowns and other circus performers. Scooby-Doo showed amazing tricks to the audience. Then they stopped two villains!

He ran away from Mr. Hyde and his monster mutt. He and Shaggy decided to solve the mystery themselves because the gang were blaming the actor who played their hero! They battled the villain.

While on a talent show, he and Shaggy tried to prove to the host that they can do amazing tricks! Meanwhile, they watched Fred and Daphne performing there. Then they discovered there were more phantoms than one or even two! They watched Daphne and Fred after they caught all the crooks.

People thought that he stole the belt, so he and Shaggy must have fought Kane to prove their innocence. The Ghost Bear appered when they fought Kane. They did win by battling the bear.

They came to Transylvania to see the castle of Velma's ancestors. But Velma became crazy there!

They came to space, but an alien chased them!

They came to the KISS World park, secretly trying to solve a mystery. That ended up in a crazy race between other dimensions!

They solved to a WWE race and met the Undertaker (he and Shaggy are fans of him). Then they even raced with him to lure the demon out! They won and caught the crooks.

They came to a ranch of Shaggy's relatives where they had to catch a ghost. They investigated at night.

They solved a mystery with Batman! They even saved him!

They came to a haunted cooking resort.

The Mystery Inc. was retiring again, when Vincent Van Ghoul sent a message to them because he needed help in catching the last 13th ghost from Scooby, Shaggy and Daphne's past case. So they came to Vinsent's home. That ended up in scary adventures in the Himalayas! And a real ghost... or at least it was supposed to be real.

They decided not to solve mysteries anymore. So they came to a tropical island, but it was starngely similiar to Moonscar Island. Zombies attacked them in the massage room. They later solved the mystery of the zombies and caught the werecats.

He and Shaggy saw some Jackal-Lantern monsters in the city, but nobody believed them. The Jackal-Lanterns later attacked the city and chased the two!

An evil sorceress, Morgan le Fay, made them travel in time! They travelled to the times of King Arthur, and when Shaggy pulled the sword out of the stone, Arthur didn't want Shaggy to be a king!

Short movies

They stopped Riggins.

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Mecha Mutt chased them. Then they caught him - Melanie was controlling him.

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They solved an another mystery.

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