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She is a member of Mystery Inc.


She solves her mysteries in style!


After the Mystery Inc., she worked on a TV studio where she told her vievers about the cases Mystery Inc. solved, but she wanted a real ghost case. So on her birthday, Mystery Inc. was back in business! They solved some mysteries - but the ghost were fake! Finally a woman named Lena said that a real ghost of pirate Moonscar lives on her island. The ghost of Moonscar was seen on the video Fred filmed. When Scoob and Shag were missing (they were running from the zombies), they went searching for them in the bayou, and Daphne went with Fred.

Ben invited her and the gang to Oakhaven. They investigated the ghost of Sarah Ravencroft.

She travelled to Roswell with the rest of the gang, where Lestor told them about the aliens. After that they started solving the mystery. But the true vilains caught them. With the help of Shaggy, Scooby and the alien Crystal they won.

She travelled to the university with the gang. But all of them got zapped in the video game with a Phantom Virus! She helped the gang to get the Scooby Snacks (and get to another level) on the Moon Level, the Rome Level, the Dinosaur level... After some another crazy levels they got to the City Level, where they met their versions in the game! The ten of them rode to the amusement park, to the Scooby Snacks, where they were attacked by the Virus and the monsters from their past! After running away they got to the video game arcade where Scooby Snacks were located, but the Phantom Virus appeared and chased them again!

She travelled in Scotland to see her cousin Shannon. They solved the mystery of the Loch-Ness monster, but they saw strange things that prove that Nessie may exist.

They arrived to Hawaii but saw that everyone is driving away from the islands. Then they came to Auntie Mahina so she could tell them what to do. They did what she said - climbed through the volcano to stop the Wiki Tiki monster. They later discovered the Tiny Tikis were robots in the volcano. They later relaxed on the party.

Cleopatra chased them.

They found a man overboard.

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They became Japan heroes!

They came to the magic school to see Velma's sister Madelyn. To solve a mystery, they came to the school's river.

They came to Camp Little Moose, the camp of Fred's childhood, but it turned out to be haunted. They went to Little Moose Lake with the kids there. Then they swam away from the Fishman in Big Moose Lake! So they decided to solve the mystery.

They decided to go to La Serena - the least haunted place on Earth. They found a mystery even there! A dinosaur mystery, that is.

They decided to take a break from mysteries. So they went to a vampire festival to see a vampire band performing. That ended up in an another mystery... A vampire-themed one!

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They arrived at a comic convention.

She and Fred performed on a talent show. They could have won, but decided not to win, because if Emma Gale wouldn't win, she would have to sell the farm.

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While in Transylvania, she became ugly, Fred lost the Mystery Machine, Velma became crazy, and Shaggy and Scooby became not hungry and brave - it was the Baron's Curse! The Baron attacked her then.

They flew to space with some celebrities, but something from space tried to sabotage the ship!

They solved a witch mystery with KISS.

They won the race and caught the crooks.

They came to a ranch of Shaggy's relatives where they had to catch a ghost. She helped to do that. That led to some crazy adventures!

They saved Batman!

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The Mystery Inc. was retiring again, when Vincent Van Ghoul sent a message to them because he needed help in catching the last 13th ghost from Scooby's, Shaggy's and Daphne's past case. That ended up in scary adventures in the Himalayas! They thought the ghost was real, but he was fake, as usual.

They decided not to solve mysteries anymore. They later solved the mystery of the zombies and caught the werecats.

They decided just to trick or treating because the Halloween mystery was already solved. But they found an another mystery!

When an evil witch made them travel in time, they had some crazy adventures with King Arthur! They had to rescue Shaggy when Morgan le Fay (the witch) captured him.

Short movies

They stopped Riggins.

They solved a mystery.

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They caught Mecha Mutt, who was controlled by Melanie.

Romantic interests